Allow them to sculpt your flesh *Spoilers*

I was just wondering what can you do if you do let them sculpt your flesh…and it says impermanent, so that means you spend 100 fate to get something that will vanish soon like making waves and notoriety?

It’s a quality that you spend on the various choices you unlock by allowing them to sculpt your flesh. You can technically keep it forever if you don’t spend it all trying out the options, so don’t worry too much about losing it. My alt still has a point leftover from way back when he first went down there.

I’ve seen some options with it during my endeavors with Quiet Deviless and during a conflict with a certain Detective, and of course when interacting with rubbery folk in London. But what are the uses outside of that?

The quality does exactly what you’ve observed - unlocks certain options around London. One of the options gives you the Boneless Consort, a +3 Bizarre Spouse.

Well, i meant what are other uses for that? 100 Fate is a very hefty price for impermanent enhancement, and two of the three uses i’ve seen are no longer accessible for me since both of them were part of a storylines i’ve finished. And i have to guess that Deviless would not have been particularly pleased to find those enhancements?

Probably not, no. Off the top of my head there’s the Intimate Devils, the Soul Trade card, the Implacable Detective, the Rubbery Men cards, one of the Mr Sacks cards, and the Rubbery Pupil in Mahogany Hall.

Sometimes you carefully weigh up the costs and benefits of a piece of Fate content, and sometimes you think “HELL YEAH I’M GONNA PAY 100 FATE TO HAVE FREAKISH CAVE DWELLING CREATURES TURN ME INTO A LEWD TENTACULAR MONSTROSITY.” The Rubbery Appendage is the former if one is interested in the Boneless Consort’s BDR-boosting capacity, and the latter in all other cases.

Yeah, hard pill to swallow if there are no interesting stories opening with it. But i don’t mind becoming a &quotlewd tentacular monstrosity&quot since it doesn’t look like many people in London care about it.
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I think they would earn a few thousand more fate if you can spend a point to purchase this cameo:

How did you make those Rubbery characters?