All dressed up for my daguerreotype...

Delicious friends! Several weeks ago I corresponded with my sister, who is already well-established in Fallen London, and she has agreed to hunt the affluent photographer with me. I have even received a message of confirmation to assure me that this is the case. I have eagerly awaited the start of this storyline.

And yet the story refuses to unfold before us! The only ‘affluent photographer’ opportunity cards I am finding exhort me once again to find an investigative partner, or to go it alone in this investigation. What has gone wrong? Is my sister not a good enough detective? Is one partner in this mystery not enough? Must I be more patient? Is this… (gasp!) …a bug?

You need 3 of “investigating the affluent photographer”, then an opportunity card will allow you to proceed

Ah! Thank you, Urthdigger - that hadn’t occurred to me at all!