Alexis Kennedy hit w/ multiple #MeToo allegations

I feel sad and angry and sad again.

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Meg Jayanth is a writer of multiple Sunless Sea islands and winner of a gajillion words for her work elsewhere, for those who haven’t heard of her. Leigh Alexander is a gaming journalist, games writer, and general advocate for women in gaming spaces.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the maker of Seeking Mr. Eaten’s Name would find a new way for us to feel utterly betrayed.

“Tigers lie”, indeed.

And suddenly some goings-on in Failbetter’s past appear in a different light.

Sorry, don’t know what to say. Everything sucks.

This hurts a whole lot. :(

Olivia Wood from Failbetter giving her account of Alexis’ wrongdoing, with additional Failbetter people backing her up in the thread:

As for the accused, Alexis’ response to being accused of threatening women with retaliation to win their silence has been to, well, threaten women with retaliation:

Right after the tweets accusing talked about his tendency to threaten retaliation too…

Well, this sucks. Does he still make money off of fallen London?

People are people :(

Don’t think so.

I believe Meg and Olivia and they have my full support, and I’m very grateful Failbetter is standing with them.

Don’t think so.[/quote]

It’d be good if Failbetter made an official statement on that.

See the thread. Information included: &quotWe no longer have any ties with him personally, creatively or financially.&quot
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See the thread. Information included: &quotWe no longer have any ties with him personally, creatively or financially.&quot
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Good news.

I guess absolutely nothing is ever safe from one person souring it for everyone, but if anything, we should play FB’s games just the same, we can enjoy his works, but not allow him a cent of profit. Let Failbetter recover from this shock, and leave him behind as a memory, and a well spoken rule to not be like him. This kind of reporting will only help the industry grow and mature, growing wiser. Don’t let the works of the kind people who had to deal with him also become deodands, further inconveniencing them.
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I’m shocked. What a shame. I had hoped to meet him one day at a GDC or similar conference, but now I’m not so certain.

The Tiger is no more and thus the Enigma is gone!
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This is shocking. I was about to kick-start his upcoming library game though I didn’t even like CS. Glad Failbetter is no longer involved with him - and I really hope Sunless Skies won’t be hurt.
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From what Olivia and others said on that Twitter thread, I would not call Alexis a &quotpredator&quot. What he has been accused of doing is getting in relationships with co-workers, including those he supervised, behaving badly, dumping women he was in relationships with callously, and threatening &quotretaliation&quot if they spoke about his behavior. His conduct as Olivia described it is what we in the U.S. call &quotsexual harassment&quot–using one’s position in a company to get or keep sexual favors, to hide one’s own improper sexual conduct, or to silence an employee who has been used in a sexual manner.

That said, I’m sad to learn of this conduct and I think Failbetter has done what it could to protect itself going forward.
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