Alarming Scholar and Favours Antiquarian

I’ve been throwing things at her for some time now - does anything ever happen when you raise favours:antiquarian particularly high?

Other than the achievement, currently no – they were supposed to have a story, I think, but something went awry.

Thank you, Fretling! Your knowledge continues to be all-encompassing. I’m hoping they’ll drop a story at some point for him/her, but until then, at least I can stop selling things to try and push the value even higher!

I would like to know if there will be a purpose in this, as well. I’ve been raising antiquarian for months now and I keep holding onto hope that it will have some purpose…

Also a note to the OP: Foons equally as useful as Sporks, if not more so. Give one a try sometime. ;)
edited by SouthSea Rutherby on 2/18/2015