Aigul and the imperious sister (Minor spoilers)

I am attempting to win a contest of stories at Low Barnet, and one of the options is a tale of Aigul. The text says to talk with the imperious sister. I did the storyline, found the memory and gave it to her at hunter’s keep. What else do I have to do?

In order to tell stories of Aigul at Low Barnet, you’ll need to get closer to the First Mate. Try consuming more Needles.

Alternatively, if you’re just trying to progress through Low Barnet, you could try advancing the Gant Pole storyline since that requirement pretty simple to unlock.
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I’m also having trouble with this story. I’m at 40 with my First Mate quality, and now I seem to have lost the option to consume needles. I’ve tried all three options to do this, and now they’re gone. Am I missing something?

I’m having exactly the same problem. Also at 40, and although I’ve been back to Aigul four or five times, I can’t see any option to consume more needles (I now have 29!).

On closer re-inspection of my logs, the quality that you need to advance the First Mate’s story (as well as tell stories in Low Barnet) is The First Mate’s Question/Sensitivity/Something. Have you tried writing Compromised Port Reports? That might do it. Here are the relevant images: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

The two means by which to increase the First Mate Question/Sensitivity/Thingie quality I’ve discovered are sharing the brother’s regret (a one-off event) and writing Compromised Reports. It isn’t necessary to share the brother’s regret to continue the quest though, since my second captain managed to finish Aigul’s storyline without taking the brother’s regret at all.

EDIT: Correction, I think it’s necessary for you to share the brother’s regret with the First Mate. If you don’t actually retrieve the regret from the depths of Aigul, you get an option to share your experiences with the First Mate that gives you that first quality, see:
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At this point, I’m no longer allowed to write compromised port reports, because my &quotSensitivity&quot quality is 3. So I don’t know, maybe it’s a bug.

Edit: One possible theory is that when you submit true reports to the Admiralty, the &quotFirst Mate’s Sensitivity&quot goes up. I’ve submitted both true and false ones, but I wasn’t really paying attention to the text when I did. So maybe I just locked myself out of the story at this point. Can anyone else confirm this?
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