Agent of a Cheesemonger 1

I am a little bit stuck at this - entirely for role-playing reasons. I feel like I really can’t make myself to betray either Rubbery men or Urchins and these are the only Opportunity cards I am getting out of this story at the moment. Is there any way how to pass this point? Or if not, is there any way to stop being Agent of Cheesemonger? :-o

(I mean these cards , )

If it helps, the Cheesemonger is just asking you to look into the Rubbery Men. She says she doesn’t care what you do to them, but that doesn’t mean any Rubbery Men will come to harm as a result of your investigations and efforts to find the missing message.

Mechanically speaking, there are two other similar assignments that involve tomb-colonists and clergy, if spycraft aimed at those groups suits you better; to draw those cards you need Dangerous 40+ and Shadowy 40+ respectively.

At the point you’re at, there’s no way to resign from tasks for the Cheesemonger. You’ll have opportunities later, but even if you resign you’ll be sent back to the “On the trail of the Cheesemonger” part of the story and will draw opportunity cards related to conacting her instead.

[b]metasynthie: Aha! Thank you for such a swift answer!

I will go for the rubbery option then.

I wouldn’t really mind to double-cross churchmen, since I have done this many times before, but my Dangerous respectively Shadowy is not that high yet. So I am just glad, that pursuing Cheesemonger story will not hurt the groups I have sympathies for.