Agendum Minutiae

Just saw this. I have no idea what it means, but I clicked into it twice and got the Agendum Minutiae.

And now it has disappeared by the time I typed this out…

It was under a gold storylet called _Reuse

I think that it is a bug.

I wish that I was in London to get it, but I’m at the atoms Colonies right now…

It appears to have been a glitch in the Exceptional Stories slot, although the Opportunity Deck also had it. Some who chose it got the Agendum, some not. It also appears to have been quickly rectified.

It gives the quality “Agendum Minutia”, which says something about learning the secrets of a strange library.

Got this a while ago myself. I thought it might have something to do with the SMEN content I started immediately before but it’s probably just a bug.

agendum minutia = &quota minor detail of a task yet to be done&quot
edited by phryne on 8/2/2016

Well, we do know Alexis was recently adding content, could it be part of the secret Ambition?

I haven’t seen it yet…

Apparently it’s needed for the “Burgle a library” quest. I have not the foggiest how to obtain the four of them needed.

It’s a quality in the August EF story, so it’s odd if it’s cropping up outside of that.