After a wedding...

Recently I went through the engagement + wedding process in Fallen London. Today we were wed, and it was actually quite an enjoyable story (for want of a better word) - and yet… there appears to be nothing afterwards.
There doesn’t appear to be any option for a honeymoon (or any storylet option following the wedding reception) and all of the &quotTreat your sweetheart to a _______ evening&quot options are, regrettably, no longer available.

Is there something I’m missing, or does newlywed life in the Neath consist of a series of 'oh-so-exciting’™ chess games and occasionally going out for coffee dates, with nary a drop of Honey (or threat of Scandal / Making Waves) in sight? :-p

I understand if there’s not more - I’m new to this part of the game and apparently Weddings themselves haven’t been available for more than a year. When I was married to an NPC there was a card which allowed me to Promenade with the Artist’s Model, so perhaps any post-marriage stuff is something I have yet to encounter.
But it would be good to know. I’m hopeful there will be Matters Of The Heart options available to those of us with a (player) Spouse.

Iirc this is content they intend to add at some point but haven’t yet.

I had a feeling that was likely the case. Thankyou for the reply! :-)

I was extremely disappointed to discover that once I married my SO’s character we could no longer do the Free Evening date activities. Is there any particular reason for that restriction?