Aestival and Sea of Lilies Missing

On my older save, I have officers who want me to go to Aestival and the Sea of Lilies. I have visited every map tile on this save, and as far as I can tell, neither of those places exist. Is it necessary to start a new character (thus allowing the map to regenerate) post-Diamond for these places to exist?

(The Diamond update did add a fleshed-out Irem and the Sea of Statues for this save, but there is still a tile on the eastern border of the map that says &quotThis part of the Unterzee has not yet been created&quot and nothing more, and at least three other placeholder tiles of this or that sort (e.g. &quotThe world is webbed with invisible lines…&quot.)

I too am missing a landmass with the absence of Kingeaters Castle. I am on the original vanilla map so that may explain some discrepancies (perhaps).

I don’t think “invisible lines” is a placeholder message, it’s just what you get when you cross one of the “longitude” lines. I was able to visit the new Irem, Kingeater’s Castle, Aestival, etc., without starting a new character.

I’ve got the latest version downloaded, and I’ve got everything except the sea of lillies - FB have said that you have to start a new game to get this (which is prety galling, and they haven’t explained why), but the other locations should be available. If it helps, the Castle is in the very bottom right hand corner for me.

As one point of info, I am still playing the very first character I ever started way back at the very start of Beta - death has never been a worry, he says with wood firmly clasped - and the Sea of Lilies is certainly there for me. Aestival also appeared with the latest update (Yey! Ewan’s Way!), as did Kingeater’s castle. So I don’t think that it’s a saved-game issue.
edited by Ewan C. on 1/12/2015

So I’ve started a new map now and I have the Sea of Lilies, but I still can’t find Aestival. Could someone please describe in general terms what the tile it’s in is supposed to look like, and what part of the map it typically spawns in? (Several NPCs told me “in the far East” but I’ve checked the entire eastern edge of the map and it’s not any of those.)

Aestival is on one of the tiles that says it is unfinished so if you have any of those in the far East have a good look around that tile it might be there.

If you come across the Aquazoric Abyss, it should be around thereabouts.

Presumably because the layout of the map is stored in your savefile, rather than reloaded from the raw (and newly updated) data files.