Advice on the profession of Correspondent

Greetings all. I hesitated to make a new post on this, having perused older threads on this topic. I suspect the answers have not changed but hope, as they say, springs eternal and perhaps some good gentleperson here can provide a little advice. I have recently (just today, in fact) gained my fifth point of Notability and am anxious to advance in my profession from Author to Correspondent. Unfortunately, my Scholar of the Correspondence is stuck at 7. I’ve been asked not to return to the Court, so writing music is out as an option. It also seems that advancing SotC from the Forbidden Quarter is capped at 7. I have recently re-established my academic reputation and have been trying to use Correspondence Plaques to expand my knowledge of the Correspondence, but the cost is frankly shocking, especially given that it seems to grant one change point of SotC only. I’ve burned through a year’s worth of saved-up Correspondence Plaques in a day without even advancing a whole level in SotC. Is there any better method for advancing SotC from 7 to 10, or am I going to be grinding away in the University for the foreseeable future?

If you are willing to spend Fate, the Labyrinth of Tigers provides a lovely companion that can easily get you to 10 SotC.

If you don’t wish to spend Fate, you can flip cards in the Bazaar Sidestreets for a rare card, or use the Unsigned Message (or a friend who is willing to send you gifts) to get Surprise Packages, hoping that you get the bundle that boosts SotC.

Regardless of your choice, good luck.

Coincidentally I am actually also fully exploring the Labyrinth for the first time right now (I had until recently been unaware of fact that The Hunt Is On! altered what you could do in the Labyrinth itself), and am certainly willing to spend Fate! In fact, I’ve been looking for an excuse to splurge and get the Flint story as well, so this seems like as good a reason as any. Many thanks!

EDITED TO ADD- may I ask, are there multiple Fate-locked beasts and I should be on the lookout for one in particular, or will one up-front Fate payment unlock any and all?
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Once you reach the deepest part of the Labrynth (for now), you can start collecting beasts. There are 3 non-Fate Locked Beasts, and one more from another Fate-Locked Story that you can breed. If you get the item from the Labrynth of Tiger’s Fate locked portion, you gain additional breeding options on each of those 4 creatures, and if you breed them all, you gain one additional option. The one that would interest you the most, for your current needs at least, is a certain sleepy creature located in the Labyrinth itself. All of the creatures are useful, though, and make pretty cool pets.

Fantastic, thank you! Sounds like I’ll be delving much deeper into the Labyrinth this weekend!

Note that there are actually 2 of the fate-locked beasts that can help you with your knowledge of the correspondence. Both the feline and the strigiform beasts offer SoTC raises on the opportunity cards if you choose the right option.

Although the strigiform beast is rather deep in the game and requires a second fate-unlock of a particularly pliable region before being able to breed it :)

Although the strigiform beast is rather deep in the game and requires a second fate-unlock of a particularly pliable region before being able to breed it :)[/quote]

A certain… aerophonic thoroughfare… ;)