Advice on Next Steps?

I just finished the governorship of Port Carnelian and am at a bit of a loss as to what to turn to next. For the moment I am grinding Bazaar Permits via Thefts of a Particular Character to upgrade my lodgings. Any suggestions as to what might be interesting to turn to after that?

I get an occasional opportunity card about the Overgoat, so it seems like there’s a plot line buried there, but I haven’t seen anything about how to pursue it. Is that something I should look into?

Thank you!

It’s not much of a plot line, but you can pursue it by buying a goat (you just get couple more options on the card).

As for what to do next - there’s a generous amount of topics on the subject. To sum it up: rolepaly, engage in K&C once it’s back, resume your Ambition, get all lodgings you want, a yacht, Tier 3 profession of your choice, 15 Notability, max out some quirk(s), grand wedding, sell your soul and get it back (repeatedly), get a goat(s), raise a random quality to a silly level, go North or get a cider.
edited by Talkes on 9/8/2016