Advice making money

What would be some good ways for me to make some money? I’ll list my stats.

Watchful: 32 +4
Shadowy: 29 +2
Dangerous: 25 +2
Persuasive: 43 +9

I can provide any other info needed. I have &quotexceptional&quot status a d have the soul trade unlocked and took the spirifer route.

Additionally, advice on reducing menaces would be most appreciated.

Just do challenges. You’ll generally get a reward equal in monetary value to the stat level required to unlock it (or the level required to get a modest challenge, I forget which). I’ve heard spirifage is very profitable, but I’m not involved in the soul trade so I can’t give details.

As Little The said, making money early on is rather straightforward. I typically go for Modest challenges myself. Things only get complicated once past PoSI content, as getting more than 100 pence per action is usually relegated to things a bit more complicated.

As for menaces, use social actions.

Actually, I wouldn’t worry about menaces too much. Menace states are fairly easy to get out of, and usually cheaper than lowering menaces outside of them.

Rob the drunk, anonymous wretch in Spite for a Bundle of Oddities that contains 20-80 Primordial Shrieks, which comes to an average of 1 Echo/Action. Best money as far as I know until you reach Shadowy 78, where you get high enough success rate when entertaining the Topsy King with bats for 1.32 Echoes/Action (purchases of replacement bats included). You could get even higher success rate if you’re willing to visit your inventory twice every action and raise your Shadowy while you’re in the Topsy King storylet, and then lower it so you can get back in for the next attempt. But that seems like a lot of clicking.

Menaces are best reduced through social actions, but you can also do it by getting connected to factions (at the carnival if necessary), and then play the different faction conflict cards you get when you have 5+ in two opposing factions. Church/Hell can reduce Scandal, and Urchins/Widow can reduce Nightmares. And then Urchins/Hell can balance the other two conflicts if necessary.

For Wounds and Suspicion I rely on the regular menace-reducing cards that pop up every now and then, though there’s a quite safe way to remove a lot of Suspicion when you get Shadowy 41-55: ‘Confound the Constables’ in Spite, and choose to hide in a rookery. No penalty at all if you fail, and Suspicion -4 CP if you succeed. Then again, I hear that going to jail is a good thing, because you can make an acquaintance there. Go figure.