Advice for the Trappings of Importance

Hello everyone ^^

I ground my way up to the level required by the Ambitious Barrister, and currently I’m waiting for the Opportunity Cards for the Trappings of Some Importance to show up. Currently I’m over 100 in two Qualities and slightly above 90 in the other two (going over 100 when fully equipped, but only one at a time ^^"), and I’ve got the 360 Echoes needed to buy the clothes. In fact, the card “A matter of the Wardrobe” already popped up, but - d-mn - a misclick made me discard it. Problem is, it isn’t poppoing out anymore - not that nor any of the others, like the Lodgings ones. Are there any requirements for the cards to come out other than PoSLQ 7? Maybe they only come out in the Lodgings? At first I thought maybe they required 100+ in every Quality, but though I didn’t meet that requirement I got it anyway… ONCE T.T

I don’t recall the POSI opportunity cards to be restricted to your lodgings.
My foremost hypothesis would be you’re in a stroke of bad luck. If this persist for…let’s say several days worth of card flipping, that may be a bug.

You’re right, I just about got the Lodgings one. Good they don’t need to be done in order - I think I’ll skip the Suited one altogether, I know several better uses for 360 Echoes than the required clothes. Maybe saving some more and buying myself a real tiger? ^^