Advice for going for/using A Legendary Charisma

Okay, so as someone more interested in Persuasive things then others (My Persuasive stat is 50 points ahead of my second highest) I have decided it’s about time I go after A Legendary Charisma, because why not right? However, Since my Persuasive stat is only 173, I’d like advice on everything to do with this, like how best to raise it, get the cash for a Parabola Linin Suit, what uses it has ETC.

Also, on a unrelated but sort of related topic, does anyone have 200 in all four stats, do people generally specialize, or am I going about this horribly wrong since my lowest stat is 101 Shadowy, with Watchful being 134 and Danerious being 111 (And no, I’ve been a POSI for a long while now, I paid the fate to get past the Shadow Check, which was probably a bad idea.)

I just became a Legendary Charisma yesterday, and I actually think I started the serious grinding at around level 170 or so. From like 150-170 I was at Hunters Keep because fun, but from 170 on I just had an alt send me TONS of Caligula’s Coffee requests and used the Confident Smiles to boost my Persuasive up to mad amounts. Got anywhere from 4-6 levels a day, I think, depending on luck. Personally, I like the Dandy’s Outfit’s +10 much better than the Suit’s +8, but you do need the suit to get the Legendary Charisma position. It sells back at a 230 loss but you can take it to the Cave of the Nadir to turn it into a Strange-Shore suit and have that be sold at the original buying price (and also boost it’s Shadowy by an extra point).

The uses of a Legendary Charisma (like most of the specializations, frankly) are not too exceptional. You can overclock your Persuasive on the Unsigned Message Card by paying Notability, which will set your Persuasive to 200+Notability level at the cost of all Notability (sets it equal to, understand, not add levels, so the max base Persuasive is 215). You can also Flirt with the Amaneunsis on that card to give a nice +5 Making Waves boost on success, and I think you can also try to put the moves on Lilac during the Feast.

Eventually you will get to 200 in all stats. It is just a matter of time.

Have you considered getting Exceptional Friendship? There’s an alternative social invitation inside that provides 3 Confident Smiles for both parties. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t cap the Smiles, so people are very likely to accept it regardless of situation compared to other social actions.