Advice for fifteen

I’ve got ten notability and thirty BDR now. I’m trying to get to fifteen notability. I’m taking a brief break so i can figure out how the holy-truck trumpet I am supposed to do this. My current plans are either grind the one point in the palace all the way to the top, or get as many tales of terror as I can and trade them up. Anybody have any different plans?

If you have a Salon or Orphanage, you can build those up over a couple of weeks and spend them all at once within a week. (Assuming you get the necessary card draws.) If you have a few spare Fate points laying around and have met the Captivating Princess, she’s a fantastic option to invite to the Salon. (Be sure to overcompensate: you don’t want to wind up a few levels short and have to redo half of it all.)

Using the Salon if you have one is great. It lets you prepare your Scheme for a while, and then blow it in one or two or three uses of the card for massive making waves.

Don’t do one-MW-per-action things. That’s less efficient than the 50-pence cycle at the top of!! . Building up a bunch at the Vision of the Surface point of the cycle before the start of a week is also good.

A lot of the lodgings cards also have options to trade in expensive items for Making Waves.

To get to the high levels, it’s important to burst MW rather than have a high making-waves-per-action, so stuff where you can build up items for a week or two, and then cash them in for lots of making waves is &quoteasier&quot than just an even grind. Salon, item trade-in at lodgings fit the bill.
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Getting repeatedly married and divorced at the right location will give you 1 notability each time. I don’t recall the exact math, but it does work out to be more effective than anything else at higher levels. The turning point depends on your BDR. But I’d guarantee it’ll be the fastest for 13, 14, and 15.

Only problem is you need someone to marry and divorce repeatedly.

To go from 11 to 15 I spent a good amount of time raising my Salon value to a high level so I could generate MW every time the card subsequently came up; I used item conversions; lots of social actions; and got lucky with some other cards. I also had to two-step it several times … get MW up high, get it halved by TtH (but higher than it was at the start of the week) and then push hard from there.

Oh right … and certain lodgings like Amalgamate said … also, the fanciest of weddings are 2 Notability … these are expensive, but it might be worth it if you’ve got a very high Notability already.
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Having recently gotten married lavishly, I’d say it’s not worth swapping the MW grind for the lavish wedding grind. But if you’re just so bored and want a new grind, by all means ;)
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[quote=Lady Sapho Byron]
also, the fanciest of weddings are 2 Notability … these are expensive, but it might be worth it if you’ve got a very high Notability already[/quote]
I think it works out to be much faster to go through a less-fancy but still notable wedding twice than doing the one super-fancy one.

Isn’t there some restrictions on weddings that prevent you from being able to spam them like that?

I don’t believe so. It’s quite time consuming and expensive to get to the 1 notability options, plus you have to go through a divorce.

The only restriction is the 2 free evwning requirement, just grind rats and do zee weddings to get to 15

My advise is to sideways convert tier three items en mass (You will always gain 1 new tier 3 item each conversion, while averaging around 1-2 CP total per action) Do so to raise your notabilit as high as you can per week.

Once you get to around level 12+, after you get your notability for the week, start converting those tier 3 items to whatever is the next version of them that provides making waves, but don’t convert those until AFTER time the healer strips you of half your making waves.

Then spend your remaining actions (and any opportunity cards along the way) to build up either your orphanage or Salon, alongside gathering other rare items that you can convert via opportunity cards. Use these sparingly to raise your making waves substantially between Notability 10-14, and extensively to get Notability 15.

Doing this takes me an average of about 2-3 months to get to Notability 15, but for the most part I can do so without having to grind out more echoes or other items except for those I get along the way.

Anybody know the best place to grind rats?

Be a ratcatcher with high dangerous at Watchmakers Hill.

Marriage/divorce is the best. Mostly because all burden is on alt character, when main character keeps on grinding ubergoat/cider/whatever. And it is card independant, all you need is a mountain of rat corpses.
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I just made that trek with one point less of BDR. I did it by building up about 15 in Salon Scheming, and nearly 3000 Visions of the Surface. Basically went on a side conversion spree with the Visions of the Surface supplemented by the Salon and other opportunity card based MW generators and got there without too much trouble.

The Tale of Terror route is a good one (I used it quite a bit at the start), but it takes longer to setup each sprint. It’s much faster to spend some time moving a large number of side conversion materials back into place.

Unfinished Business is 110/action on average. Watchmaker’s Hill as a Ratcatcher is 20+0.42*Dangerous, so if your modified Dangerous is 215 or higher then it’s a better choice. Otherwise, Unfinished Business in Spite (Keep Your Hands Quick) is going to be your best bet.

I don’t have a salon or an orphanage, but I do have BDR of 23, I think. I did it all with side conversions. It took me four weeks, I think–one week to to get to 12, then one week each for 13, 14, and 15. I could generally get to what I wanted by the end of the 4th day, then I went to Polythreme for the last 3 days and just ground out romantic notions, brought them back and started the week turning them into visions of the service for a strong start. Also–to make 15 that last week, It think I got MW up to 40 to start the week at 20. I did it in a month as an exceptional friend, so 40 actions at a time.