Advantages of multiple Christmas home comforts?

Are there any significant advantages to having multiple Christmas items? After getting that +1 BDR, does that extra point or two of a specific stat ever really matter? Is it necessary for things like maxing out renown or sotc? Are some of the home comforts more useful than others?

I already got a BDR comfort at the nadir, so I wonder if there are any significant mechanical advantages to buying more, or whether it’s really just for the fun of collecting at this point.
edited by Harlocke on 1/6/2017

At the outside, you could have one each of +B, +D and +R, just in case, but otherwise, no, I don’t think so.

Yes, having one of each that you can swap among might be handy, for when you have to do tests based on the individual B, D or R stat (such as those guys with the screaming map pieces), rather than when all that matters is the sum total of the lot (such as with raising Notability).

Some of the potential items are the best in their class, even disregarding the BDR aspects. It’s up to you if you want to maximize a particular stat (sometimes that one extra point is all that allows you to gain one more level of Renown).

For example, you can get: