Admitted to the House of chimes quality

So, I’ve recently come across a sizable windfall of fate, and I thought about using some of it to change my admitted to the house of chimes quality, since being admitted simply for being good looking is just so boring.

Problem is, I have no idea what the requirements are for any of them, and 20 minutes of google didn’t yield any results. I’m sure answers must be out there in the collective wisdom, can anyone shed any light on this? The wiki mentioned a list somewhere, but it didn’t have a link and I couldn’t find it.

I’d be more interested to know if any of this had any in-game effect.

For the most part one’s House of Chimes quality is just for flavour rather than something that has any effect. There is one that costs Fate to pick which unlocks a couple of options (Illegitimately Royal), but nothing major.

A couple? I am only aware of the Rainbow of Offerings option. Is there something else?

Also, incidentally, does anyone know what the unlock requirements for Traitor are? I’ve never seen it as an option but it’s a possible value…

There was one option during the Long-Lost Daughter storyline, I believe.

I don’t think that the admittance requirements for every option has been fully documented anywhere. As noted above, it’s mainly for flavour, so pick the one you feel is closest to the nature of your character. If you want the one with the greatest bragging rights, that’s Scarlet Saint, which requires very high austere, hedonist, connected:church, and connected: hell, I think. There’s a separate thread discussing how to achieve this.

Should be An Agent of Cheesemonger 25.

Anyway, here’s the list of requirement with no other spoilers:

[table] [tr] [td]Name of Option [td]Unlocks With [tr] [td]An innocent [td]No unlocks; disappears upon 20+ stats
[tr] [td]An Extraodinary Beauty [td]Persuasive 20 [tr] [td]A Player of Games [td]Watchful 20, the Boatman’s Opponent 1 [tr] [td]A noted trainer of Weasels [td]1 x Araby Fighting Weasel [tr] [td]A true patriot [td]A Copy of your Patriotic Adventure 1 [tr] [td]A dabbler in sulphurous liaisons [td]an Intimate of Devils 6 [tr] [td]A masterful cat-chaser [td]Shadowy 30 [tr] [td]Not to be crossed [td]Dangerous 20 [tr] [td]Possibly a lunatic [td]seeking Mr Eaten’s Name 5 [tr] [td]A crown in shadows [td]1 Fate [tr] [td]Allergic to brass? [td]1 x Nevercold Brass Silver
[tr] [td]Exceptionally Talented [td]Persuasive 100, Confident Smile 10 [tr] [td]The Rooftop Dancer [td]Route: The Flit, Shadowy 60 [tr] [td]An Unparalelled Grotesque [td]Hard-Earned Lesson 10 [tr] [td]A Visionary [td]A Person of Some Importance [tr] [td]A Prisoner of Despair [td]Melancholy 4 [tr] [td]A Speaker of Truth to Power [td]Forceful 3, Subtle 3 [tr] [td]A Possessor of Impossible Table Habits [td]No unlocks
[tr] [td]Orphaned in a Grisly Accident [td]No unlocks [tr] [td]An Artist in Ivory [td]a Scholar of the Correspondence 1 [tr] [td]A wanderer of Parabola [td]7 x Memory of Light, A Game of Chess 9, Is Someone There 10 [tr] [td]A zub-mariner! [td]1 x Zubmarine , An Experienced Zailor 3 [tr] [td]A killer of renown [td]A Bringer of Death 1, 1 x Ravenglass Knife [tr] [td]DISOBEDIENT [td]GETTING AN UNCO-OPERATIVE REPUTATION 1 [tr] [td]A traitor [td]An Agent of the Cheesemonger 25 [tr] [td]A tormented solipsist [td]Ambition: Enigma 10 [tr] [td]A font of devil’s tears [td]Connected: Hell 20 [tr] [td]An Oenologonaut [td]1 x All Wine Items (excluding Tears of the Bazaar and Master’s Blood) [tr] [td]A Liar among Liars [td]1x All Mysteries Item (excluding Dreadful Surmise, Impossible Theorem and Direful Reflection) [tr] [td]A Scarlet Saint [td]Hedonist 15, Austere 15, Connected: The Church and Hell 75 [tr] [td]A Legendary Calumnist [td]Scandal 7, Persuasive 100, Watchful 100 [tr] [td]‘I know a man.’ [td]Connected: the Masters of the Bazaar 5 [tr] [td]I will scream until your House rings with the Words of the Thunder! [td]Stormy-Eyed 5, What the Thunder Said 10 [tr] [td]The Inescapable Arm of the Law [td]investigating the Rubbery Murders 12, ascending the Reliables list of Mr Pages 3, Connected: The Constables 50, Connected: The Great Game 50, Watchful 100, 1 x Antique Constable’s Badge [tr] [td]A Blood-Cousin to Predators [td]1 x Ancient Hunting Rifle, a Procurer of Savage Beasts 1, 1 x Fairly Tame Sorrow-Spider, 1 x Bengal Tigress, 1 x Araby Fighting-Weasel, Dangerous 100, Watchful 100, marked by the Eater-of-Chains 3. [/table]

edited by Estelle Knoht on 9/4/2015

How much fate does this cost?

It costs 30 Fate, iirc.

Also I think the greatest bragging rights reason would be A tormented solipsist ;)

For tormented solipsist, is Enigma 10 even possible to reach?


It will linger there forever, mocking the completionists.

Do we have updated Renown requirements for the list somewhere?

If not I have a fresh account that’s currently an Exceptional Friend not currently admitted into the House of Chimes:

A font of devil’s tears - 15 Hell Renown
Scarlet Saint - 40 Hell Renown (likely 40 Church Renown once that’s converted)
An inescapable Arm of the Law - 25 Great Game and 40 Constables

While we’re at it, could someone tell me whether anything in particular happens if I choose the SMEN option?

[quote=Dudebro Pyro]While we’re at it, could someone tell me whether anything in particular happens if I choose the SMEN option?[/quote]Something particular happens indeed. It’s quite painful, too.

Could I get some details please? Perhaps as a PM? Unless it’s just a bunch of menaces, which would be boring.

I do like how DISOBEDIENT is an option, now that I know what the GETTING AN UNCO-OPERATIVE REPUTATION quality is. Although I question why Chimes would know about that.

I’m also curious as to what the results of the Possibly a Lunatic option is. Knowing SMEN, it can’t be anything good.

I wish I saved the flavor text for A Possessor of Impossible Table Habits.

What is it? I can’t find it at all on the wiki.

What is it? I can’t find it at all on the wiki.[/quote]

It’s part of something secret which is best not discussed in detail in public. (I’ll pm you a hint).

And we all know there’s so much stuff on FL kept secret like that.
…there actually is, mind, but never mind that.
Point is yes, s’ not something that should be spoken of out loud. Again, though, why would Chimes know about that quality? Is it in the flavor text? Now I want to know what the result is when that’s chosen…