Admiralty's Favour

So my good Captain was delivering a boatload of port reports from all the far and marvelous new places to our bespectacled friend as all of a sudden the man vanished, all my favours were gone and some lowly nameless desk clerk told me to survey three ports before even thinking of meeting the Admiral.

Is this 'cause favours is capped at 20 so it reset me to 0, just a bug or is this deliberate?
edited by MatthewtheMagnificent on 2/2/2015

Favour is capped at 50, and if you hit the cap, nothing happens, it’s just that it doesn’t increase anymore. There was a bug quite a few weeks/months back where delivering a port report from a particular location would reset your Favour, but it was fixed – so unless your game is severely out of date, it sounds like a similar bug has resurfaced. Better send it in to the support email.
edited by Fretling on 2/2/2015

Well that was quick, thank you very much. The game is on the latest available version on steam but it did happen after handing in a certain report. Didn’t get the last bug so I guess getting this one is just Zeekarma.

It happens when you deliver the salt lions port report, all set to 1 and no more reports, just had it happen to me

Hm okay, thanks to both of you for the heads up. Hopefully that’s the only bugged one!

Same for me, reporting the salt lions reset it and vanished the admiral.