Admiralty favours


What can I do with these 25+ favours? Shall I start using some for fuel? Seems a bit shallow.

Once you’ve turned in all the Port Reports you can turn in, then the favours will start accumulating more slowly, so you won’t want to spend them too carelessly. That said, they cap at 50, so if you’re close to that, it’s better to spend them than waste them! Have you traded them for Agents from the Voracious Diplomat, and installed those Agents in Port Carnelian and the Khanate?

no, I know not of him! I guess I’ll be introduced to the fellow one day?

You’ll be introduced to them once you turn some Vital Intelligence in to the Admiral. The easiest way to get Vital Intelligence is to combine two pieces of Strategic Information in your inventory.
edited by Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook on 2/9/2015

…on that note, collecting 2 pieces of Strategic Information can be tricky. Occasionally you will gain an option in port (Gaider’s Mourn and the Fathomking are good for this) that will give you bonus Strategic Information. But some of my captains just aren’t minded that way, and never met the Diplomat until very late in the game.

Remember you do not have to hand over the Strategic Information to the Admiral in order for him to ask you to go elsewhere. So, unless I need the echoes or Admiralty Favour immediately, I keep hold of it and convert up to Vital Intelligence which actually pays more.
edited by reveurciel on 2/9/2015