Additions to Ironclad Will?

I noticed that pretty much all you can do to preserve money between characters are to transfer heirlooms that can be sold and keep residences that you have already bought. It costs a ton of money to get a better ship in this game, will it not ever be possible to transfer your ship as well?[li]

It strikes me as unlikely- It runs somewhat counter to the roguelike spirit of the game.

Not to mention can you imagine starting with a dreadnaught? The fuel costs alone would sink you faster than any beasties.

The only thing that effects fuel consumption right now is your engine so while you would have alot of empty space in the hull for awhile you wouldn’t be expending any more fuel then you normally would. The weight mechanic might change that but it would make better ships worthless by increasing their fuel cost when it already costs so much to buy supplies for a bigger crew(Unless they decide to give supplies/items weight so you can benefit from a smaller hold). I can see where you’re coming from though when it comes to your crew eating supplies like a cold through tissue paper. Its likely the devs will balance it out by decreasing its cost and changing the values on the other ships but it just seems strange to me that you currently can keep your house and all it heirlooms as well as the skill, map, or officer, but not the ship that took ages of grinding echoes to obtain.
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More likely than not your ship is resting on the bottom of the Zee though. Regardless, the Emerald expansion is supposed to contain ‘more sophisticated legacies’, so you might be in luck.

Well if you screw up and die in the zee then of course you shouldn’t be able to keep your ship. It would be a nice bonus to keep your ship for properly retiring though. More legacies sounds cool so I’ll hope keeping your ship will be part of it or something remotely similar.


Well I don’t really care about keeping my ship. If I can, so be it. If not then what difference does it really make?

Well with only 2 decent ships right now (Merchant and Dreadnaught) being as expensive as they are, its not an illogical idea that your ship would transfer to your descendants after you retire.


I can imagine retiring to try to get a new ending. Inheriting your previous ship would be a major bonus of course. On the other hand, with 12 heirlooms it is entirely possible to buy a cargo ship, load it up with wine and start doing Godfall runs right out of the gate.

I suppose that being able to keep your ship between characters could be added to the legacies, but you wouldn’t be able to preserve an officer, stat, or chart.

And honestly, I’m excited and impatient for Emerald’s release.

I suppose that if you retire there is no reason not to be able to pass on your ship but if you are lost at Zee it wouldn’t and shouldn’t be possible. I don’t know how difficult it would be to code for different endings.

For myself I am quite happy with the legacy system as it stands. I’ve just started a new legacy captain and I could have bought a cargo ship but instead used the Heirlooms to buy top grade weapons, secure storage and a light. that left enough in the bank to hire crew and the officers (as they become available) and have enough money to pursue the Magician’s story when I get him. It also left enough to restock, repair and reduce terror without worrying too much about how successful I am at getting the more profitable options in the ports. It took a lot of pressure off the early game and none of it feels like a grind and soon I will be able to upgrade to a better ship and that will be the only major expense for this captain.

Huh? Why not just buy a merchant ship and start trips to Godfall?

Not my style of play - I would have found that boring, I don’t want to be going back and forward between a couple of ports. For me it is not about making money or maximising profits, it is exploration, fighting beasties and seeing what is out there.

Also I took the veils stat as my legacy and chose the Natural Philosopher as my past, for the mirrors boost . So getting the Iron and Mirror boosts from the things I bought means that combat is easier, having secure storage means that I haven’t had Tomb Colonists raiding the supplies. I don’t bother with the gamble that is sending Prize ships home so don’t need the extra crew to cover that either.

I will get a bigger ship for the extra hold space so I can start collecting the things for the Zong and I’ll probably have enough echoes to do that after one more trip around the Zee.
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