actual stat cap limit progresssion for veterans.

Hi there guys, im creating this thread due recently upgraded my SS version to final, you must ask why i waited 2 months since release? all due i know how &quotnew&quot releases works lately in general (lag, game data wipes, stuttering… etc.) and the early version was so far the most stable version until the last update, so after i read about how the magellan update is doing it good so far i decided to join the new unterzee.

So far all good, but i dont have anymore any engine sound (still bearable), first bad point. i hitted the first stat soft cap very fast in my second captain, after of getting the memento mori i decided to pass the baton to my third captain, with the correct choices i started with +160 and +95 points in a pair of my stats, starting capped i focused in my other stats, but oh deception… the skill cap its 200 in this version… where in the early version there none (max stat 268 there) making a lot of events totally fruitless since there isnt any more &quotreward&quot.

After reading the updates, in the forum and other news, i asume you capped the stats due people raising too high the numbers (editing) then causing negative values to some skills and getting fragments and making an endless loop. The problem is the actual stat cap dont affect early players since hardly any new first captain gonna reach the cap so fast. but for the veterans who really know how play and get the best rewards with the events its a crippling experience.

Please consider this game has a long term gameplay, and its more rewarding while you play it more and the actual cap totally limit the future legacies of captains, after researching a little i see a lot of players never rearch fairly 300+ points in any stat without use of cheats or editing , before go to the next captain but they stay between 240-280 before the update. i think skill cap of 300 its pretty fair since you already explored all the zee and get the best upgrades for your ship and isnt game breaking since its far from any negative loop.

plese devs consider this for your veteran players.

btw sorry if i have any grammar mistakes, english isnt my native language.
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If you have 100+ in all your stats you are demi-God status anyways. I don’t think devs need to concern themselves with this.

What exactly do you need more than 200 in a stat for?

isn’t there a possibiliy, if pages gets too high, to go into an infinite loop where new secrets cost 0 fragments?

I guess around 300 Mirrors you start getting negative aiming times (effectively infinite shots)?
As for Pages I think FL probably implemented a failsafe or at least only let the fragments-secrets conversion trigger only on changes to the fragments quality to prevent the game firing off the loop infinitely.

I have reached the point of infinite shots, in a previous iteration. Gets very very silly: machine-gun Memento Mori takes down Mt Nomad in <1 second.

The new(ish) stat cap prevents this now, which is pretty sensible. Even 200 gives very short wait times.
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I wish you had taken a video of that :)