Actions not going down?

Anyone else having this issue? my actions will suddenly stop going down, but after a while the buttons will just stop working, I presume, when my actions run out, it’s confusing
edited by Bitty on 10/30/2018

For mobile at least, I’ve encountered this bug when repeating the same action. The number of actions removed is equivalent to the number of actions taken, so it’s just a display issue that emerged after the weekend (the other major change is disconnecting the FL Storynexus world).

Yep, I’ve had the same issue today. Nothing major, since it all evens out in the end, but just slightly inconvenient.

Same here.

For me the Actions displayed jump to the actual number when I leave a storylet with “Onwards”.

Same, I’m using the Firefox browser. The same issue happened on my mobile phone [chrome browser].

This is also a problem for me, and in addition my stats at the sidelines aren’t showing progress bars. I got an error/database failure message a few hours ago, so I assume there’s some kind of sitewide problem.

I posted the same thing in the site redesign thread. Actions only seem to update when pressing “Onwards”, so everything gets desynced if you use “Try again”.

This seems to be back to normal, but now I have a different problem:
Social actions that require you to pick from different responses set your actions to zero while on that screen, and only restore them when pressing Onwards. So if you back out, or skip past the confirmation screen, you’re left with 0 actions. Thankfully it is only a display issue, so logging out and back in fixes it.

Same trouble with social actions and normal storylets. Refreshing the browser page restores everything, no need to log out and back in.