Actions not decreasing?

Hello, recently when I do basically anything my action count doesn’t decrease. Or rather it does, but doesn’t tell me. Possibly related to that, I can’t see the probabilities/frequencies of events and cards, or the descriptions of items. Has anybody else had this problem?
Edit: It is on my phone. Other devices will work fine.
edited by suinicide on 9/6/2015

It’s not happening to me at this moment, but a long while ago everyone was experiencing that sort of thing. If it’s still happening I would recommend sending a report to so they can figure out what’s up.

If you mean that you’re using your phone browser, try refreshing the page and see if it persists. Otherwise, I’m not certain - but contacting support isn’t a bad idea.

This also happens to me using my phone (Chrome browser). It’s a relatively new thing - the action counter behaved normally until about a week or two ago.