Action candle nerf?

So, I’ve been an Exceptional Friend for quite some time. I’ve enjoyed the 40 action cap, and 10-card deck for opportunity cards. But it seems today that something odd has happened. The game states to subscribe for a second candle, even though the Fate page shows me as subscribed. I’m back down to a 6-card deck. The game showed 27/33 actions banked. I refreshed to see if it would fix it, and now it’s 27/27. Does the game not recognize my Friendship, or has something been nerfed?

Edit: Nevermind, for some reason, my payment didn’t autocharge. It showed the last payment date of yesterday, but I saw no charge. Cancelled and resubscribed, and all is well.
edited by jimwormmaster on 5/18/2022

There has been a problem with the autorenewals for some time now. I was affected last month (in two ways: subscription renewed a days late, and the following subscription period had a day chopped off it). I had an exchange of emails with FB about this and they claimed to have now fixed it. Those affected were offered a couple of cups of coffee in their lodgings to make up for the hassle.
Sounds as if the “we fixed it” may have been premature.

This happened to a number of people (myself included) about three/four weeks ago. FB stated that the issue got fixed, but now I’ve seen people reporting the same problem these last few days here, on reddit, and on the discord.