Acquiring Zonar Schematics and Cladery Hearts

For both Zonar Schematics and the Cladery Heart, I appear to be stuck. I’ve progressed to the point in each storyline that I should be seeing storylets appear at Station Ⅲ, Khan’s Shadow, and Adam’s Way, but there is nothing. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. Is this a bug? Do I need to edit my save file to bypass this?

Let me be more specific:

I have “Acquiring a Zubmarine” at 20, which should mean there are options to get the schematics at either Station Ⅲ or Khan’s Shadow. Neither port seems to have any relevant options, regardless of “Something Awaits You” being present. What materials are you referring to?

As for &quotLearning About: The Cladery Heir”, the number isn’t visible for that quality, but I can infer from the available conversation options (and the wiki) that it is at 60. Nothing seems to be available at Adam’s Way, even though I am directed to the Elder Continent.[li]
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Don’t you need a Longbox to access anything in Station III? Have you tried there or is there no option even if you do it?

I tried without a longbox, then with a longbox, then with another, and then with a third. No zonar schematics. I’ve checked the wiki, and it seems like you are supposed to see something about breaking into a shed before you trade a single box. I definitely never did.[li]

You should probably contact customer support.

I contacted shortly after the last post.[li]

Since I haven’t gotten a response yet, I’m probably going to try editing my save file to skip to the next stage of each, after making a backup copy of course.

Well that solved my Zubmarine problem, but setting “Learning About: The Cladery Heir” to 70 hasn’t made anything new show up.

I solved my problem with the help of Failbetter: the culprit was a mod I had made of myself, which was overwriting all new content.

Hello guys,
I am trying to get a Cladery heart but i do not know how to get a &quotdeeds to cladery heart&quot please give me a detailed information. Have a nice day all.
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You need to progress Claddery Heir storyline. You should be able to pick her up in London. From there on, just follow her quest in usual way: dinners, Strange Catches, etc.

Thanks a lot:)