Accidentally broke my long lived acquaintance

Sardonic Music Singer. Just wrong words, and now she is gone.
What may I do to return her?
Maybe any specific calls, or gifts, or something?

I think it might be possible if you can lower your Persuasive to the range required to draw her card, but I can’t remember any definitive answer off the top of my head.

You can regain your aquaintences back the way you got them in the first place, I had an accidental spat with my soldier friend not too long ago.

My God, lucky you. She is a massive pain.

Thank your stars it wasn’t the Forger. Going to New Newagate is a pain, these days, to say the least.

You can get her back with the opp card “An Old Acquaintance?” which pops up every so often. It unlocks at 105 persuasive, so it’s still good for higher-ish level players.

I did the same thing. The way the options on the cards shift around is a pain, I often mis-click because I’m distracted. From memory when I lost her it was because a new option had been added to the TOP of the card, where the option to slightly increase the association used to be. I’d hit it out of curiosity for a new thing before I even realised it would boot her. facepalm

An “are you sure” for things that have scores you need to build (like acquaintances) would be nice. I almost dropped ALL of my Hell connections the other day as well, because I randomly had the requirements, so the option moved up the list, and I saw it and thought “oooh, new Hell option, what does this do!..wait, nonono! DO NOT WANT” drops mouse I would have been very upset. :p

I know there’s a warning on these options, but if you’re already distracted enough to click the wrong thing, then you probably haven’t read it. It’s also pretty easy to forget which “tier” of a card you’re in, and think you still have one more choice to go before you reach the end of the branch (if that makes sense?) I lost my profession that way once.

…whoops, rambling! Sorry. Murky is right, you can (slooowly) build up the connection again through opportunity cards, but it’s very slow. I had her up to 15, and I’m back down at 2 or 3 now :(

[quote=Allanon Kisigar]You can get her back with the opp card &quotAn Old Acquaintance?&quot which pops up every so often. It unlocks at 105 persuasive, so it’s still good for higher-ish level players.[/quote]Ever since they changed her card to ‘City Vices’, I no longer get this one. Does it lock at acquaintance level 10-11?

It’s possible it does. Honestly, I haven’t seen it in a while either, but it’s the only way I know of to get her back unless you’re low enough level to do the original story that you can get her from again. If the card locks with anything, it’s not listed on the wiki, or shown on the card. I hope it’s still around, at least.

I haven’t seen it since the change to City Vices but my connection is pretty high (around the 15 point). I really don’t understand why people don’t like her - there is a quite profitable option to spend the acquaintance once your persuasive is high enough.