Accessing The Labyrinth of Tigers

Hello all. Does anyone know of a plentiful, reliable source of rats on a string? I’d like to access the Labyrinth to snaffle sapphires for my lovely walking stick, but unfortunately I don’t have the raw echoes to buy up enough vermin.[li]

One option could be to get temporary access via a card and progress past the tiger keeper while you’re there. You’ll get enough rats to pay for permanent access.

Otherwise I think your best bet is to get your dangerous as high as possible and kill rats for the department. Getting a job as a rat-catcher gives 1250 rats a week, as another option.

Oooh, that job thing sounds like a plan. I’ll look into that.

EDIT: Thank you, by the way![li]
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[/li][li]It’d actually be easier to just use Mahogany Hall’s Days of the Week–took me about a week for the staff, and that was only playing infrequently. For the Labyrinth, I’ve been told to wait until I get an invitation from Mr. Inch (but be sure to hunt down a spider-council for him first, since the &quotThe Hunt is On!&quot storylets lock once you have responded to his letter).

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This, thankfully, is no longer the case.

Really? But the storylet option still carries a warning. Is that just for the sake of story continuity? Or something they forgot to remove when they apparently started keeping the storylets open?

[quote=Individual99991]… to snaffle sapphires for my lovely walking stick …[/quote]Wouldn’t the 20 trophy prize from Pickpocket’s Promenade work better for that? That’s how I got all the jewels I needed.

I think they just forgot to remove the warning.

I think I’m too early on for any of this. Don’t yet have access to The Mahogany Hall and haven’t even heard of The Pickpocket’s Promenade.

My current stats are Watchful 81, Shadowy 70, Dangerous 64 and Persuasive 70. I can’t get the rat-catching job until I raise my profile with the docks by two levels, which is trickier than with most other factions, I believe.

Should I put all thoughts of bejewelled canes out of my mind for now?

The Pickpocket’s Promenade is in the Alleys of Spite.

Edit to add Also if you provide a profile link I might be able to send some jewels your way.[li]
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Thank you kindly! Would this be the profile link here?

If there’s anything you’d like in return, let me know. Though I probably don’t have a lot that’s much use to you…

Looks right to me check your messages. I don’t need anything really. Just pass it on to someone else some day.

Thank you so much! I look forward to my new cane, and will think of you fondly when I’m stoving in someone’s head with it.

I’ve accessed the Labyrinth via card, but I’m not sure which option gets me past the tiger keeper. At present I only have a selection of odd chance-based shops to look at. Is it just because my Dangerous is too low?

You need to have met Mr Inch before you can progress through the Labyrinth. To meet him you need Dangerous 85 and access to Wolfstack Docks.

You need Dangerous 97 for the storylet that starts the Labyrinth of Tigers story:

Thanks, folks![li]

I have a massive stockpile of rats because, after entering the Labyrinth I was given 7000 and I’m not sure if I was supposed to use them for something specific but never found an option to do so.

So if anybody wants a nice box of dead rats let me know and I’ll send you some when the Give a Gift card comes up.

I would love to have your extra rats for Labyrinth access. If you would be so kind as to send them my way I would very much appreciate it and do whatever I can to be useful in return.