Accessing Mahogany Hall

Greetings, the discerning several.

I’m keen to plunge into the roar of the greasepaint and smell of the crowd at Mahogany Hall. While I could open a route there with an abundance of hats, rats, weasels and lizards, that would require another round of grinding familiar actions for tokens of barter. My soul, you understand, is as a star and stands apart, absolutely. Normally Fate can find a way into these places, but I can’t see a gold highlighted Fate option for Mahogany Hall. Can anyone help a fellow out?

I believe there’s one linked to Shadowy.That said, a number of the necessary items are easily acquired during the end of the Flit storyline.

Ah, I’ve not pursued Shadowy all that much - I’m the persuasive type. Maybe I should concentrate on Shadowy when I return from Flute Street.

Shadowy will definitely help a lot when dealing with Mahogany Hall anyway, so it’s a good idea to have it somewhat respectable before bothering with unlocking the place. You can do plenty with Persuasive, but not nearly as much.