Access to Storynexus open beta

I haven’t been here for long and it seems I missed the sign-up period for the SN open beta, so I’m wondering whether there’s any way to apply for an invitation at the present time? Any info appreciated :)

[color=#009900]I’m afraid you missed the boat this time round! We want to trial the system with a larger pool of creators before we open it further.[/color]
[color=#009900]However the good news is that the next step will be a full public beta.[/color]
[color=#009900]In the meantime if you can persuade a beta-ful creator to take you on as a team member, you can get access that way.[/color]

D–n! Thanks for the information.
In the meantime: if anyone is looking for writers, I would be thrilled to join your team! I write best with surreal/poetic/strange themes, but can adapt well to pretty much all styles - if you’re interested send me a PM and I can provide examples, references etc. :]
EDIT: I would also be happy to act as an editor; as a couple of beta creators can attest to:), I’m good at picking up on typos, misspellings, stylistic inconsistencies et al.
edited by Corentin Os on 8/31/2012

I may keep you in mind Corentin, for both things though I am a little nit-picky about my thoughts so give me some time… ^_^ Honestly though I think I may have too much work cut out for just myself, we shall see.

Plus I would need to figure out how to make you a fellow writer under your own email…
edited by Kitsune on 8/31/2012

Hey, sorry to hear that you missed the boat. If I get to the point of needing an editor’s input I’ll probably give you a shout. I work as an editor IRL so I’m aware how useful a second pair of eyes can be!