Access Codes! (Also, free Cabinet Noir stuff!)

Access codes are now live and available for creators to use.

For those who have the link, they’re detailed in the StoryNexus Reference Guide, but here are the bare bones:

  • You can set up access codes for your world.[/li][li]The code generates a URL. You can pass this to your friends, playtesters, the public at large or whoever you like[/li][li]Players visit the URL to use the code[/li][li]The access code has quality effects just like a storylet event, so you can allow restricted access to content or give away prizes[/li][li]Each access code can be used once by a character. You can specify a number of global uses for the code, or leave it unlimited[/li][li]You can specify that the code works for new StoryNexus accounts, existing ones, or both

To show how these codes work, and to hand out some free stuff, here are some codes for Cabinet Noir:

This is an example code, anyone can use it and it has unlimited global uses. It will give you a free Handful of Coin:

This code only works for people who haven’t got StoryNexus accounts yet. Feel free to send it to people who you think might enjoy Cabinet Noir. It will give them an initial stock of 10 Secrets:

This code works with existing StoryNexus accounts only. It has only 50 global uses. The first 50 players to use the code will get 10 Secrets and a Hard Lesson:

This is very cool! Thanks for putting it together. Should be a great promotional tool!

Question about this:

Something I’d really like is to be able to post a widget (on facebook, twitter, a blog) that will generate single-use access codes when you click the Dispense Goodies button. All the codes would do the same thing, but they’d be single-use and randomly generated. That way, creators could incentivize Likes on facebook (or whatever) by rewarding people automatically with content.

(An actual question in there: is that doable now? Could it be?)
edited by levineg85 on 9/28/2012

[color=#009900]It’s not doable now (we’re doing something a little like this for Silver Tree reward fulfilment, but it needs direct access to the database). It may be possible when we provide a StoryNexus API, but not in the near term, I’m afraid.[/color]

Thanks Alexis!