Accepting nightmares!

[li]So as of receiving my latest professional perk, I now have 50 Antique Mysteries; enough to buy myself a room at the Bethlehem.
[li]You know what that means! I need to meet that creepy old gentleman that only appears to the slightly insane, so send me a few nightmares if you want to rid yourself of them:[/li]EDIT: I’m all set! Send your nightmares to Kittenpox!
edited by Moros on 6/15/2016

I’m also accepting Nightmares, but I believe that Moros could benefit from it sooner.

(Moros, exactly how many CP of Nightmares do you require? If you don’t have much response here, I could spam you with social actions if you’d like.)

Nightmares incoming. Can’t wait to actually get sleep without screaming.