About writing a Classic

Hallo! [li]

I am actually try to write a &quotClassic&quot novel, but i find myself stuck in a little conundrum.

Actually, the only options which i see that rise a Potential which is over 150 are:

  • Case notes (you have just two, and i do not think is possible to gain them again)
  • Trade secrets (each of them rises the potential by 25, but it means a month of work)
  • Using honey (will rise the potential, but it could also drop it down)
  • Laudanum (same problems than the honey.)

Is there some other options which i overlooked? How did you managed to write your own Classic Novel?
Do you advice to rise Potential up to 200 and try the check, or to rise it until i reach 100% and the check is straightforward?

I think there are opportunities to gain more case notes after finishing the University storyline. I think patience may well be your best bet, at this point.

Trade Secrets are your best bet there. I haven’t written a Classic novel yet, but that’s what I’ll use once get around to it.

I wrote my Classic Short Story a while ago, and it’s correct that Trade Secrets are your best bet to take you over the top as far as Potential goes. If I remember correctly, you’ll need two.

The trick is to raise potential as far as it’ll go using the cheapest item, and only then go on to use more expensive items.

This table on the wiki will help you work out what to use when: http://fallenlondon.wikia.com/wiki/Category:The_Writer's_Desk

Good luck!

Trade Secrets are what got me my Classic Short Story as well, though I didn’t have some of the items that can be used instead and I didn’t exactly go about it the most optimised way so I think I had to use at least three.

But if you plan out how you are going to raise the potential, I think you can use less.