About "The Tournament of Lilies"

Okay, so for these long sideplots I do sometimes read through the wiki. I’ve followed this one through the costs, and to the rewards…

The ribbon is pure mantleplace decoration, but a pleasant one… That leaves the &quotPersonal Recommendation&quot and the &quotBook of Hidden Bodies&quot …

pause here to check a bit more on the wiki

A hard to enter and rather respectable club
A bizarre and unusual club fee
A respectable carriage
An impressive trip on the zee
The chance to run a publication
The opportunity to run a saloon
Putting out to Zee by oneself
Most of these also have rather insane costs, so one must assume… Let me look at other sources, hold on…

pokes at the wiki again, including a lead pipe cryptography session

The costs involved to get either of those are far less then the costs involved in actually USING either of them. And far less then the flower tournament…

I don’t get it.

I think the tournament is mostly just meant to be fun, not an efficient way to get goods.

[quote=Lady Red]I think the tournament is mostly just meant to be fun, not an efficient way to get goods.[/quote]That is my interpretation as well, though it was a lot more fun when I had luck on my side and got two Books of Hidden Bodies in a somewhat timely fashion. In my third tournament I haven’t been so lucky, and it’s been like going to the casino and realising that I can lose money there. It’s just not the same, you know?

Maybe I’ll try the social board after a while and try to arrange a tournament.

Each stage only needs one dedicated looser, and once one person has been lead through to the end it should be possible to make another pass through with some of the remainder. With the exception of a sacrifical account it might be possible to make sure that everybody gains.

Course to keep things on the up and up while we cheat horribly we’d all have to keep the plant on our mantlepiece.

Course, I don’t actually have a comparative value for some of the high end items, so I can’t be as sure if the screams come out ahead with some transformed or not, for example.

[quote=Ben ]Each stage only needs one dedicated looser…[/quote]Ah, but the tricky part of the tournament is that you can only intentionally lose by having a low level plant, and if you have that, then how exactly are you going to take it to the higher stages? I mean, you could, but even if you only challenged other low level plants it’d still be just as much luck needed as for high level plants vs other high level plants.

Oh, indeed, it IS a logistical nightmare, but I think it is a solvable logistical nightmare… course you won’t hear me actually venture a solution until I’ve got a healthy enough plant and the supplies…

I don’t think it’s possible considering there’s always going to be a chance of winning due to how challenges work.

The solution would just be have as many people doing it as possible, because as long as there’s more than one person at a level they can bump people up to the next level, and you can’t run out of people at a given level unless people drop out, so as long as there’s more people then there are levels everyone should get cycled through eventually.

The problem would just be, keeping people interested xP