About the Foreign Office: Companionship?

So, now that I’ve foolishly gotten rid of my constant companion, I’ve heard of a spousal, yet fate-locked, opportunity in the Foreign office, perhaps when one’s ‘Mystery of the Foreign Office’ quality is high enough. Well… It’s there, and the only fate content I see is the ‘switching sides’ (which specifically gets -rid- of any companion you might get there). Am I missing something?

You have the opportunity to get a companion from either side, as long as you don’t take the household enhancement. It is fate locked, and if you have already passed it up, then you won’t get the opportunity unless you switch sides. You can have either a spouse or an enhansement with either the face or the tooth. If you have a spouse in the non fate locked content, you have to get rid of them, polygamy is not allowed… yet.

You might wish to make sure you’ve done both the unlock cards for the jewel-thief and that lady. Otherwise you’ll be stuck getting these cards till you do so.