about the dreams and cuco land,

[li]so I gazed into one of those bizarre mirrors at the carnival and ended up at the hotel and now ive been given the opportunity to burn down the hotel due to my fire sermon dreams.
[li]so I was wondering how do my dreams allow me to affect the nightmare land like this?
[li]also what’s the deal with those mirrors while im at it did Mr mirror make them and dump them of at the carnival after he decided he didn’t want them any more or is there something more to them?.

By gazing at that mirror, you’ve gone insane and are for now in recovery at the Royal Bethlehem. While dreams CAN affect reality here in Fallen London, it takes a bit more to burn down a mental hospital than just dreaming about it! Your character is a little insane and you’re not actually going to burn down the hotel.

Not sure what’s up with the house of mirrors! They are ways to get to all sorts of other realities - to Parabola, to the land of the dead… though some might drive you insane. (or, in game terms, they take you to all the menace areas.) I can certainly imagine why paths into other realities would be useful for various powers, but I don’t know who actually maintains them or why.