About Marriage

Have you ever, and is it possible to reject a marriage proposal?
I realize that marriage is currently Impossible, but I ask because the price of proposal is not insignificant and I am a glutton for cautionary tales.
edited by Art Shrival on 9/23/2016

It’s definitely possible to decline the invitation to marriage. It’s not actually as expensive as you might expect anyways - even for the grand proposal, the Magnificent Diamond is only consumed when the request is accepted, so the echo loss of a rejection is 18.5 echoes.

It definitely doesn’t hurt to make sure your sweetheart is interested in marriage before making a proposal. There’s always that chance that they’ll reject you for one reason or another.

You’re a sleazy one, dude. Just imagine what’d you feel if an NPC declined your proposal!

Whatever you’re thinking, I assure you my intentions are pure.

Nope, I’ve never married. Really wanted to when I started the game and it was still possible, but…I never found anyone willing. So…uh, yeah.

(Oh and sure, as others have already pointed out - you can reject someone’s proposal. It’s just like in real life - you say “No”, someone feels awkward and bad for a bit and then that’s about it.)