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The Beginner’s Guide suggests that those who are contemplating the path to PoSI should own one of each of the six lesser lodgings (stipulating that the four-card lodgings are out of reach to you at that point, for all practical purposes). I was wondering why that was: just for the extra stories attached to each lodging, or is there a more sinister reason?

– Mal

I am not sure I agree with that advice. Out of curiosity, which beginner’s guide are you referring to?

You want a Handsome Townhouse (to eventually open an Orphanage or a Salon) and a Rooftop Shack (because it has a profitable option). Beyond that the Gambling Den (for Making Waves) and the Decommissioned Steamer (if you even intend to take its Fate option, which isn’t very good resource-wise but has some neat lore) are ok but not essential. Any other 3-card lodging is more often than not a detriment more than help.

The only exception to this is if you really want to go wild on collecting scraps. Then you want every lodging. It’s not action- or echo- efficient. Not at all. But it does flood your deck with cards that give you scraps
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As part of the PoSI-ing process, you need to jump through some hoops. One of those hoops is either ‘all basic lodgings’ or ‘one four / five card lodging’. However, you need to jump through a set number of hoops (opportunity cards), but I believe it can be the same hoop several times. So you could just get the clothing hoop, or all the right friends hoop, and forget about the lodgings.

The thing to bear in mind is that most of the cards associated with the cheaper lodgings are, um, seldom useful? Bit of lore and all that, but they clutter up the deck and never ever go away. If you want to play as a min-maxer, I’d say skip all the smaller lodgings apart from the first one with the kind-hearted widow (no cards, is really useful to start with) and the roof-top shack, which actually has a useful op card. Oh, and the townhouse, which is really useful.
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I would hold off on buying the “bad” lodgings until they implement a way to get rid of lodgings, one of the many “someday” features with no set day for inclusion.

I think the information on the Beginner’s Guide is out of date. Now you just need ONE opportunity card when you’re at level 7 of the Becoming a POSI story. It can be the one with a townhouse, with clothes, with acquaintances, with multiple lower-tier lodgings. You don’t need to worry about collecting them all just for POSI-ness (though I have all of them for completeness’ sake and because they are all sources of the ever-so-hard-to-come-by Certifiable Scraps).

@Genesis: the Beginner’s Guide pinned at the top of this subforum.
That’s useful information about what the different Lodgings bring, though. I’ve been playing semi-blind, to add to the enjoyment, so I don’t refer to the wiki much. But I do like to have an idea of the context of certain actions, if that makes sense.

– Mal

Indeed, the guide is out of date. As colinsapherson said, you just need to use one of the opportunities to advance to become POSI. For example, you can progress just with the right acquaintances (no lodgings requirements).

Necro-ing this to ask a related question: does the Merry Gentleman only come during Sacksmas?

– Mal

The Merry Gentlemen turns up all year long when your Nightmares are 5 or higher.

Hmmm. I need some bad dreams, then.

– Mal

To add to what’s said above, as I’ve just been through the process. If you get to the stage of drawing golden cards to advance to level 8 in PoSLI and get a card you can’t complete (say one of the ones for the clothing) discard it and draw again until you get one you can complete. I was pretty lucky I think and drew the townhouse option (the easiest requirement by far?) - only 3 cards after turning away a wardrobe card. The wikia says they are mostly Frequent Frequency cards so they ought to have a quick turnaround. Maybe that was already really obvious to everyone but me- but I’ve not seen it stated down anywhere. Also totally disregard the wikidot for the velocipede requirements, the wikia is correct (that one did catch me out at). Hope that’s a help.

Nightmares can be easily obtained by watching the Somnolent Hyena in the Labyrinth of Tigers, which also lowers Wounds iirc, or by spending Appalling Secrets in the Forgotten Quarter for Expedition Supplies.

Other way around for Hyena, but you’re good with the Forgotten Quarter advice! :) Seeking Curios is good as well. Petting a Starveling Cat can work…oh who am I kidding, this thread is pretty awesome to get ideas for Nightmares! http://community.failbettergames.com/topic9427-raising-menaces.aspx
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[quote=Charlotte_de_Witte]If you get to the stage of drawing golden cards to advance to level 8 in PoSLI and get a card you can’t complete (say one of the ones for the clothing) discard it and draw again until you get one you can complete.[/quote]Actually, the best is not to discard it, but keep it in your hand. Discard another card instead.

These are Frequent Frequency cards. If you discard them you have a decent chance of encountering them again. But keeping them in your hand means they are removed from your deck, and this increases the chance of others cards to be drawn.