Abition hearing things

Hi I play on iphone how the flitting hell do i get hearing things i drink absinthe nothing, no cards HELP

There should be something you click to draw cards. A few people on the forums overlooked it since it’s apparently not very obvious (I don’t own an iphone or related device so I can’t say).


[quote=Edrick Ederson Esq III]Genesis to the rescue and based on your response I think I have figured it out. On the SOMETIMES tab it says I have 0/3 cards and everything is locked out. It appears the only thing I can do is back out and repeat this frustrating scenario forever.

However there is a single blue rectangle in the too left with the Fallen London Icon on it which I guess could vaguely be considered a card. It does mot appear ‘clickable’ at all. It’s just an icon without any flashing effects or arrows or neon signs saying ‘touch me to refill your hand’. but… I touched it, my hand refilled, I can now proceed.

So no bug, the problem is that either I am thick headed or the App doesn’t do a great job of making you aware that clicking the ‘card’ icon is how you regill your deck. It definitely isn’t shaped like the rest of the cluckable icons. It is most likely somewhere in the middle of those two?

Anyways… That was a coupke hours of frustration finally resolved. Thank you, again, to each and every person that offered their advice. Hopefully other people figure this out better then I did and don’t get stuck, or that the app can be adjusted to help players (at least the daft ones like me…) better identify how to refill their hand.[/quote]

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Oh, and I made this mistake, too: don’t drink the Absynthe from your inventory. It’s a waste of absynthe (though it does raise a shadowy for a good bit). Keep the absynthe bottles and wait for the opportunity cards. There are two kinds of opportunity cards that raise “hearing things”, and you will use the absynthe in one of them. The other raises your nightmares, but also your quality.

In other news, you might want to clear wounds and nightmares as much as you can before finally drinking the other absynthe. I didn’t do it and only survived because I’m incredibly lucky.