A zong for you

Hello, while traversing the great dark zee I decided to mash up some songs and sound effects to make a zong of the zee. It’s just for atmosphere, hope you enjoy it


P.S. As far as I know, there are no gulls in the Neath, so I ask humbly that you ignore this error
edited by The Grave Zubmariner on 1/9/2015

How magnificent! The boundless talents of my fellow Londoners never fails to astonish me. Well done, good sir!

(Also, until you mentioned otherwise, I took those ‘gull’ sounds to be the agitated cries of the Giant Zee-Bat. They do get awfully whiny when looking for a suitable snack.)

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! Hmm I like your gull answer, so that’s what they’ll be now, giant zee-bats!