A Wretched Recidivist

As far as I know there is no way of improving your reputation at this time.

Wear it proudly!

What’s it like when you get arrested now?

I find it easy to just use some Nikolas & Sons Instant Ablution Absolution to keep Suspicion down. It’s better than it originally was, and while there’s some randomness in how much it removes it’s overall much better than it used to be.

What is this about having echoes and items confiscated? I was considering being arrested to meet the Forger, but I am not sure I want to go losing a large amount of valuable wares.

How many times do you need to be arrested to get to that level?

Anyway I must say that I am pleased to have done all the deliberate going to New Newgate I needed before this change. At least I presume that Vake Hunters (and Seekers when it comes back) will still need to spend some time there.
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Oh, right. Didn’t check and forgot you were the OP. In that case I think the best thing to do is to raise your Shadowy normally until your Suspicion gets too high, and then move onto Shadowy actions that don’t raise Suspicion upon failure. You could try fooling gullible spirifers in Spite, for instance, since failure there will only lower your Hell connection. Just look for stuff like that and you can avoid being sent to prison even while practicing your Shadowy skills.

Thanks for the insight on that. Perhaps I will return to Newgate after all. For now it is back to high profile robberies and back alley violence.

Characters who’ve never been to jail - are they automatically a familiar face? Are only characters created after the change ever at level zero? Does/will the same apply to going down the river? 'cause I’m a mite distraught to think that what the game records and keeps track of might not match up with the experiences (or lack thereof) for a given character.

Back to the matter of revisiting New Newgate - is it confirmed that people below level five don’t need to be concerned with confiscation?

You become a familiar face on your first enter (after the tutorial, I guess) The only similar quality for death is the chess-player one, but the developers have tools for finding out if you’ve been at a given area, if they figure they want to use it.

That’s reassuring. (An aside: Do they also track Professions? Changing them, I mean. I wonder…)

It was, I think, that I noticed the ablution options available to me are the same across various characters, and I don’t remember meeting &quotIronclad&quot Wickes in the tutorial. Or the finer details of what happened when one of my characters did go back to jail.

I do plan to have a different character also make the acquaintance of the Repentant Forger at some point and will probably be carrying some pennies and rostygold just in case.

Ironclad only appears on subsequent visits to the prison - when your suspicion actually increases to 8.
You don’t lose any items unless you get the quality very high, and certainly not if you don’t even have them.