A Whisper-Locked Puzzle-Box

Hello Captains,

I’ve just finished a game by sailing East with Salt’s Song in my heart and ears. The new captain, therefore, started with nothing but a deck weapon. However, my Fallen London account is connected, and the Whisper-Locked Puzzle-Box sold to a Zee Captain. The problem is, no box appears in the new character’s hold upon start.

Additional info/issues:

I am running the game in Steam via Wine compatibility layer on Debian Linux. I’ve found that achievements do not correctly pop up properly, most probably due to Steamworks API connection issues. (The affected ones, that I am sure my captain has fulfilled are: N THE SUN TH, Thou All Shaking Thunder, Lose Your Mind, The Fall of the House, The Ascent of Man)

Also, some achievements, such as Old Unhappy Far-Off Things triggered in the middle of the Zee when One Year At Zee triggered.

I would like to know if anyone has experienced this issue, if there is a fix for the Box. I have spent fate on resetting the outcome so that I would be able to pass the box to a captain. It would sure be nice to see those storylets. :)



You need to download new stories to get the box. I only got it after the Rose-Market hit, since getting the box didn’t trigger an update for me.

That’s a very old way of forcing stories to update. In more recent patches simply go to Account Management from the main menu options and reauthenticate your account. This prompts the game to check for new stories, including anything from linking accounts.

Thank you very much, I have forced the update as per truthseeker’s advice. I also had to load up the previous captain’s game just before he left the scene by sailing East. The newly generated captain got the Puzzle-Box in the curiosities inventory just fine.
edited by Zelmor on 2/8/2016