A War in Spite returns

It seems the trouble is all over Spite. One cannot walk through Flowerdene Market without being caught in the crossfire. Ordinary citizens are racing across the district with plates strapped to their heads to avoid messy projectiles hurled from the roofs.

The Noughts and the Crosses are at war! Even more at war than usual, that is. We’ve made some tweaks to the Urchin War and it’s back for round two. This Living World Event will run for roughly a week, or until the morning after one side achieves victory.

Get involved from “A War in Spite”, located – you guessed it! – in Spite.

With the Spider pope - Corals combo this is a good way to cash in those Lost Research Assistant. They are marked as a 12.5 item on Wiki due to the The Spider Symposium, but cashing them in the war brings their value to 15.8 E!

We’ll see if this a good enough reason for the Crosses to win this time!


it looks like ~2.5 EpA conversion. Which is awful in modern economy, especially for fans of spider pope (~6 EpA)

After cashing in those assistants, yes, but the new vanity quality Involvement in the Urchin War! :smiley:

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Not sure that’s a vanity quality. It looks more like a diminishing rewards tracker that’ll be reset next time the event comes around.


Meh, the forums feels so abandoned. :frowning: Thanks to Rahv7 for posting this over Reddit:

Adding information from Barse on Discord:
It is not endgame cash levels of good (nor intended to be), but it should be clearer now where the ceiling is (Supporting the Noughts/Crosses has a cap to signal where the end rewards stop getting bigger, among other tweaks).
Supporters of the winning side do get a little something after it’s done, but the main rewards are the ones you’re seeing now, during. The Supporting qualities cap at 8, where the highest bonus is.


I honestly noticed it here in this post, so thanks.

Certain factotum is gonna be annoyed of seeing such a waste of wax used as mere mostly-hard projectiles, but I seriously cannot deny to help the non-ratty L.B.s that cheer me up with their "Oi"s from time to time.

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I will side with the Noughts this time… only because I want to get rid of my mountain of Lampslighter’s Beeswax.

This is my second Urchin War event. I can’t remember which side I picked the last time, or what reward I obtained.

I can help you with the reward: The War in Spite: The Aftermath (The Noughts Won).

Heh, I didn’t even realize the event had ended.

My support for the Noughts was 5. So I must wait for the card and receive my 8 Aeolian Screams…

Hm, that was fast. Hss anybody enjoyed it?

The War in Spite is still ongoing; indeed, the Crosses are ahead at this time.

Skinnyman’s link is from last year’s war.

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Mmh, looks like it’s over… Dang, I found about it only yesterday.

Thinking about it, it would be nice if the information that a war is going in Spite could be accessible from outside Spite. News travels fast after all…

It was announced in the newspaper action in your lodgings, which I think is cool. I think it was the only other place that mentioned it.

I, however, just checked the newspaper after knowing the war was going on when I visited Spite.