A Voyage of Scientific Discovery

I will soon embark on my first trip to Zee. I’m currently planning to make it a Voyage of Scientific Discovery.

Roughly how long should it take? I ask because I don’t want to start losing Notability if I’m away too long.

While I’m here, does anyone have any hints for me?

It really depends on how many pages of the various kinds of notes you intend on collecting. You might want to take a little glance at the Wiki page for &quotOrganise your research&quot and figure out what you want to do. I set off on a long trip, intending to collect all the pages I would need for pretty much everything, and if memory serves I was out for 3 days or thereabouts. Depends on how often you flip cards/log in, of course.

If you’re worried about Notability just wait until Time hits and then head out - you could certainly be out and back in a week without any difficulties at all. And if it turns out you don’t have enough pages, then you could always embark on another voyage.

Another thing to do of course is make sure your MW are high enough to survive a Time hit without losing Notability - then you’d have up to 2 weeks (which would be WAY more time than you needed).

Hints for zailing: five card lodgings are far more important for an easy voyage than your particular choice in ship, so make sure that you’re not living at a remote address.

It’s not immediately obvious, but the cautious approach when steaming isn’t necessarily the wisest approach…

There are three islands for scientific discovery, one is in the sea of voices.

The three islands for scientific discovery are carousels so you will have to zail again after each cycle. Also some of the options give notes; others give items. Each island gives more of one sort of notes but you will get some of the others.

As for maintaining Notability make sure you have enough MW to protect it when you set Zail. As the islands are carousels it is quite easy to pop back into London when Time comes calling again. Be warned though docking in Wolfstack clears your opportunity deck unlike the other places you visit while at Zea. Edit - that might be useful if you have a handful of tricky cards.
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You can also accrue some rather large quantities of menaces. My modus operandi while getting my captain quality to 20 was:

  • get enough MW to survive one time-the-healer without not-ability loss
  • hit zee
  • islands, black flags, etc… for almost two weeks
  • hit iron republic to reset menaces (the right choices set all of them to 6 or lower)
  • back to london, time and time again (or, more precisely, grab payment from a week-late time, wait for time, grab the new payment)
  • repeat

Will progresses (eg. Fascinating, Seeking, Investigating) be reset when I go to Zee?


Is there a way to get Melancholy while on Hunter’s Keep? I’m at 3, and need 4 to unlock an option with Cynthia.

Near the end you can claim that they are the faces of Hecate to raise your Melancholy.

And they are!

Also both other options.

Questions regarding embarking on a second voyage… Do I have to use the Organized Research to reset the Go On A Voyage of Scientific blah blah…or can I just set back out to sea and collect more research? It’s bit confusing because I’d like to use some more Fossils to get more research, but I don’t know how to get back to Preliminary Research at your Lodgings?

You can simply set back out to Zee to collect more research without any extra steps, but if you wish to return to Preliminary Research there should be an option within Organize your Research to do so. According to the wiki the option requires you to have fewer than 120 notes in each category. I don’t currently see this option, so I suspect it may be hidden until you meet the qualifications.

Strange…I have 120 notes in each category, no option to get back to Preliminary Research. Oh well…back to zee I go!

You need less than 120 of each category in order to go back to Preliminary Research - you will need to collate them to see the option. i.e. while you can still do other things with your notes you can’t prepare for another voyage of scientific discovery.