A very inconvenient place

Dear all,

I’ve been exploring a place I shouldn’t have been exploring so early and got caught. The kind of place where poor children usually go in a normal and decent world but not in Fallen London as some of you very well know.

[Spoiler alert] I wasn’t as shadowy as I wanted to be and I ended up in a very bad situation (buried alive). So far, the only options I seem to have are 1) bashing my head to the coffin until I die (or reach 8 wounds which never happened to me), and 2) reach to maximum amount of nightmares; none of the options of the Burial of the Dead are available to me now.

Would anyone have a piece of advice? Should I get totally lost in awful nightmares hoping that they would allow me to try the third option (with Burial of the Dead)?

Many thanks in advance,


If you have a plant of at least level 5, you’re in luck. But I’m guessing you don’t, since you’re stuck and asking here. Going mad doesn’t help, I’m afraid. You need to aim for a trip down a certain river. Good luck!

Thanks ! I was lucky I had so many knife and candle tokens ;-)

Oh yes, I ended up with the horror of killing myself slowly (not quite with my song) and while that was frightful, it also cemented what a great game and story FL is! It also taught me that there’s plenty of other stories to follow, so no need to rush with the ambition.

Same here. I actually kinda liked how they really managed to make this a traumatic experience, I actually felt the claustrophobia and horror of the situation quite well, so in the end I’m almost happy it happened. I think it was really good game design and writing.

But what was “funny” and is that I remembered being caught exactly as I “won” the storyline, and I even wondered if that meant that you actually had to get caught even if you did everything right. Now that I read this topic, I think it was just a joke of the universe at my expense.