A Trip to The Iron Republic?

Hello. So I was at Zee, and I did not really have a destination planned, so I decided to go to the Iron Republic.

…Can someone explain to me why I would want to go here in the first place? It raised my menaces a ton, seemed like it could be a potential draw of some fate for no reward, and all you can really get at the end is a Journal. It seems like a waste of both actions, money and sanity.

The journal is the best BDR weapon you can get without Fate. Apart from that you mostly just go there for the atmosphere. Personally I prefer Polythreme or Port Carnelian for my vacations away from London, but the Iron Republic is still pretty interesting.

I’m not an expert on the Iron Republic, but I think some of the options set your Menaces to certain levels, no matter what they currently are. If you’re at high Menaces and know what you’re doing, you can lower them.

I generally go to Port Carnelian myself, but I have spent enough time there to get 70 Terms and decided I wanted a bit of a zaling break to somewhere else. I picked the Iron Republic because why not? I will say it’s interesting but it seems like if you already have a Journal (Which I did) it’s a bad idea.

Not really a bad idea. Well, kind of a bad idea. The places Changes a person. However, it’s not likely to leave you menaced beyond belief unless you’re deliberately cycling through it, and even then you can reduce your menaces at the end. I forget what the ppa was, but I seem to recall it being okay. Better than Mutton Island, I think. I still prefer Polythreme for my vacations over the Iron Republic.

You know, with Zailing rehauled, I expect people would need to redo all zailing related payouts. Though I never got the payout system people use TBH. It seems complex.

The payout is calculated by dividing the echo value of everything you’ve acquired by the number of actions you had to invest to get those items. There can be a lot of factors that go into it, but for the most part it’s not too bad.