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how do you hijack the zeppelin??

this is literally the last legacy item I need, and I’ve just spent hours doing the stupid monkey quests… and now it won’t let me hijack the zeppelin… i have monkey kings favor at 1, and have literally zero options to raise it any higher. i’m so frustrated right now, i’m just about to edit the save game if i cant figure this otu

You must be honored by the court for your deed and then choose the option to steal the Zepplin, which will set you on the path. If you have already breezed through that section then you are locked out of the option.

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I’ve just finished up the Colony stuff over on the wiki, and there’s a new way to get a travelling light there (easy if you’re very rich). In fact, all five colony endings give one legacy (although only 4 between them)

I chose the option at the court to consider stealing the Zep. It told me I needed to earn the emperors trust, and set it at 1. But nothing after that, just the standard options.

Edit: ^ Ok good to know there’s an alternative option. It was literally the last legacy I needed and I didn’t want to have to start with a brand new captain just to get it. Honestly I’ve really been enjoying this game… 50+ hours according to steam. It’s just frustrating putting that much effort into it just to get locked out at the very end.[i]

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Did you deliver the emperor’s wrath to London? Also you need the god’s blessings to successfully steal the zeppelin.

Yes I did some googling and found out I had to deliver it to London, problem is, I don’t have it in the first place. Checked the hold and journal and didn’t see anything, so I tried sailing to London anyway. Looked at every single option, and it wasn’t there.

Anyway, I’ll just do the colony method above. Edit: Now that I think about it, ideally I wanted to discover the colony stuff for myself… oh well.
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Fascinating! It’s a little off-topic, but tell me - will the Determined Doctor work as a viceroy instead of the Disillusioned Doctor? Because, well, my militant revolutionary captain has already turned London over to the Anarchists, and sees no reason to raise Hearts or Pages to ridiculous levels in order to dissuade the Doc from precisely the cause that he will later be required to put into action to win the game!

Sadly not.
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Huh. Probably intentional, but it seems a little bit counterintuitive. Oh well! Either way, thank you for your marvellous work populating the wiki so thoroughly!

Hahah. My pleasure. I make videos off the back so it’s not entirely altruistic. But s3ld0m and sinegenere do most of the work.

Salt bless wikifiers, every one!