A tiny white cave fish!

I just received a tiny white cave fish (and got rather politely congratulated on the acquisition).

Does anyone know what they are good for? Strangely enough I got it not via a ‘regular’ page, but just via a short notification and a message…

A Halloween item! No usual practical application, but they may have a special Halloween use, and in either case, they are rare and collectible!

I searched the wiki and discovered that it was an item during the 2010 Halloween event. Also it seems that it’s possible to get one via access code now.
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Ooh, does anyone have the code?
My goldfish is lonely.

[quote=Elnara]Ooh, does anyone have the code?
My goldfish is lonely.[/quote]


Many thanks!
My goldfish is now jealous.

Where do these access codes initially appear? It doesn’t seem to be Twitter…

This one was on Facebook.

Oh - whose page? Thanks!

The Fallen London one :D Echo Bazaar

OK - that’s what I would have assumed except that it did not show in my FB feed.


Thanks, though.