A theory on the nature of the Vake

I think I know what the Vake is. Well, it is only have a theory, and not even a scientific theory, it’s not like I have undeniable confirmation. Nevertheless, for fear of the Duchess’s wrath, I shall err on the side of cation and post all of it inside of spoiler tags.[li]

It also occurs to me, just as I write this, that I do not actually pursue the Bag A Legend ambition (which I presume gives more and more hints as to the Vake’s nature as it advances) so for all I know what I am posting could actually be common knowledge to thousands of Neath dwellers. Eh, what am I going to do, change my current ambition to check that’s not so? Pft, I’m too lazy for that, so without further ado:

[spoiler] The Vake is the Masters, any of them. It is what the Masters look like when they are not wearing clothes. Why do I think this? Well…

  1. http://www.failbettergames.com/?p=1395 This blog post more or less tells us that the Masters are bat creatures from space.

  2. There is at least one hint (perhaps those of you pursuing the Bag A Legend Ambition have received more) that the Vake has bat like features. ‘They say it’s not a monster at all. It’s a man who dresses up as a bat. To, ah, prowl the city by night. But that would just be stupid.’

  3. The third reason… well… the third reason is more complicated. At All Hallows I saw a glimpse into the future. I honestly can’t remember if I had to spend Fate for it or not, so I will only say this, I fear I saw the wrong future. But nevertheless I learned valuable lessons from it that I am still using to this day. And there were hints that also supported my theory. [/spoiler]

Believe it or not, this is one of the Neath’s mysteries that does actually have a solid answer, or something very close! Not only because of some obscure but undeniable hints, but because at least one piece of unique content from a past promotion confirmed it. So, long story short…

You’re completely right - and, in fact, if you put the pieces together, you’ll be able to say which of the Masters is the Vake.

As Sir Frederick says.

Indeed, there’s a hint in the Italian cipher, if you’re playing the game at Wilmot’s End. 'Seven letters. Starts with &quotM&quot. &quotThe Vake&quot.

Huh, it does make a certain amount of sense - this theory that is going about.

[spoiler]Partly through the Bag-A-Legend ambition it is taken for granted that the supposed bounty on the creature is perhaps nothing more than a ruse. If, however, someone other than a certain group of religious zealots did deign to seek its death then only the Masters themselves would be able to post such a bounty. The Vake could in fact be a rogue Master, perhaps even a failed attempt at procreation?

Still, whatever it is I certainly hope I still get the chance to bring it down.