A swift Zee Clipper and a much nicer Lodgings

Any tips on how to get use of villains? I’ve been grinding my fighting a war of assassins up, and I’m wondering if there is a better way. Also, is there a quicker way to get brilliant souls? The flit one seems like the best right now, seeing as I’ve exhausted my financial resources. Thanks! [li]

I think the best non-Profession way of getting Use of Villains is by making them in the Bazaar Side-streets, especially if you have access to the University investigation. Build up Investigating in the University, and cash it in the Flit by Raiding a Message Drop. You’ll get a lot of Cryptic Clues to convert into Appalling Secrets.

The Flit is almost certainly the best place to get Brilliant Souls.

And the Newspaper (if you have one) is a good source for the Journals of Infamy for buying Use of Villains in the Side-Streets, with a paper run netting 110 Journals.

Just to confirm: I can have a Newspaper, a Gang of Hoodlums, and either a Salon or an Orphanage; it’s only a choice between Salon and Orphanage, and the others I can switch out at will, yes?

Exactly. You have to chose what to concert your Townhouse into. Salon or Orphanage. The others have no restrictions.