A Sunless Brewery

Had a fun idea for sunless sea based beers!
first three are salt, storm, and stone.

Salt would be a gose since those are made with seawater, stone would be a stout of some kind, and storm would be a grapefruit IPA. thoughts on these ideas and any other Neathy beers?

“The Carnelian Coast”, piña colada with blueberries and mango

isn’t that a cocktail

isn’t that a cocktail[/quote]

True!! But I think I’m willing to open the forum to any liquor.

Parabola beer

London is really falling behind in the Great Game, it seems!

[li]If rubbery men count as blending in seamlessly with humans, id be terrified/fascinated to see what a Lorn Fluke’s approach to making alcohol would be

I wonder how this is? I know their IPA Luponic Distortionis really damn good.

I feel that the beer of the Bazaar would probably be some sort of chocolate stout, the kind drunk on Valentine’s day. Rich, warm, complex flavors, very high alcohol content, very filling.